Jim Rohn’s Formula for Overcoming Fear


Let’s face it. We have a hard time doing new things. I think people are too quick to blame fear—fear of failing, fear of the unknown, fear of losing money, whatever. We’ve got to call it what it really is…and that’s the power of the status quo. We have a response built in to our…

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The World’s 50 Most Inspiring Quotes About Success


Sometimes a few simple words of wisdom provide the inspiration you need to keep moving forward and achieve your dreams. Success like most things hinges on your attitude—remember to always choose a good one. Of course when times get tough and you’re put to the test, even a small burst of inspiration can make a…

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The World’s Top 10 Most Inspirational Entrepreneurial Quotes


Entrepreneurship, like most worthwhile endeavors – from going to college, learning another language, or finding a career you love – is best navigated with the help of a knowledgeable role model. Role models can be helpful to both reduce your chances of failure and hasten your path to success. With this in mind, I know…

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The Worlds Most Powerful Quotes To Design A Realistic And Attainable Career You Love


After hours and hours of combing through archives of Quotes in my favorite books, from my favorite authors, and the world wide web, I’ve found the most Powerful Quotes from around the world—presented in no particular order… A Powerful Collection Of Success, Motivation & Inspirational Quotes “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin…

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The Frustrating Life of a Franchisee


In a recent article published in Bloomberg Businessweek, “McRevolt: The Frustrating Life of the McDonald’s Franchisee — Not lovin’ it,” Bryan Gruley and Leslie Patton featured the story of former McDonald’s franchisee Al Jarvis. Al was 16 when he started working at a McDonald’s in Saginaw, Michigan in 1965. 15 years later he purchased his…

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